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Last updated August 25, 2004

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As of April 2004 the Phoenix Police and Fire radio communications are available on these conventional radio systems. Police field unit radios transmit in APCO-P25 digital and are output on the repeater frequencies in analog. Eventually public service and some city services will be on the Phoenix Metro Trunked Radio System which will require a digital trunk tracker radio scanner that can follow 9600 baud control channels.

The 800 MHz radio frequencies for this P25 network will include newly allocated frequencies as well as legacy Phoenix MDT frequencies. The switch to the digital trunked system is expected to take place in 2004. The only radio scanners that we know will work on the new trunked system are the Uniden models BC296D (Handheld) and BC796D (Mobile) and the Radio Shack model Pro-96.

Communities that are expected to join the Phoenix Regional Trunked Radio System include but are not limited to:

Phoenix Mesa Glendale Peoria
Tempe Goodyear Apache Junction Gilbert
Salt River Gila River Avondale El Mirage
Guadalupe Laveen Daisey Mtn Surprise
Tolleson The Sun Cities Sun Lakes Buckeye

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Phoenix Police

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Description Frequency Tone
Ch-1 Chase North 154.8900 151.4
Ch-2 Chase Overflow 154.7550  
Ch-3 Chase South 155.7900  
Ch-4 South Mountain Precinct 155.3700  
Ch-5 Central City Precinct 155.0700  
Ch-6 DHP 155.6400  
Ch-7 Squaw Peak Precinct 155.5200  
Ch-8 Maryvale Precinct 155.4300  
Ch-9 Cactus Park Precinct 155.7000  
Ch-10 Tactical 155.7600  
Ch-11 Tactical 156.0600  
Ch-12 Information 155.6100  
450 Ch-1 Chase 453.1000  
450 Ch-2 GIB 453.2000  
450 Ch-3 Chase 453.4500  
450 Ch-4 DEB 453.6000  
450 Ch-5 SAU 453.8000  
450 Ch-6 SAU 453.6750  
450 Ch-7 Operations 453.5250  
Aero Air to Air Company 123.5000 CSQ
Aero Air to Air Common 123.0250 CSQ

Term or Code Description
"A" Deck Precinct Patrol channels
"B" Deck Precinct Alternate channels
"C" Deck Chase channels


Phoenix Fire
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Listen to
Description Frequency Tone
WHITE 1 Dispatch (Phoenix) 154.1900 173.8
WHITE 2 East Phoenix 154.2500  
WHITE 3 West Phoenix 154.0700  
WHITE 4 Statewide Mutual Aid 154.2800  
WHITE 5 Northeast Phoenix 153.8300  
WHITE 6 Northwest Phoenix 154.3100  
WHITE 7 Tempe 154.1450 173.8
WHITE 8 South Phoenix 153.7700 173.8
WHITE 9 West Phoenix 155.6700  
WHITE 10 North Phoenix 151.3700  
WHITE 11 Accountability 154.0250  
WHITE 12 HazMat 155.7750  
BLUE 1 Chandler 154.4300 100.0
BLUE 2 Chandler 155.9550 100.0
BLUE 3 RMFD 5 154.4000 151.4
BLUE 4 RMFD 6 153.8600  
BLUE 5 Police Chase North 154.8900 151.4
BLUE 6 Police Chase (Overflow) 154.7550  
BLUE 7 Police Chase South 155.7900  
BLUE 8 Mesa Fire 1 154.3400 167.9
BLUE 9 Mesa Fire 2 154.2350 167.9
BLUE 10 Mesa Fire 3 153.9500 136.5
BLUE 11 Dispatch (Phoenix) 154.1900  
BLUE 12 Buckeye 154.0850  


Regional Fire Dispatch Assignments
If you've ever listened on a fire department scanner, you would hear that each fire station and apparatus is assigned an identification number. Each city in the Valley has its own number assignments.

* Adaptive Response Units: An engine, rescue or ladder company assigned to a high activity inner-city station that provides needed services in their area, as well as having the capability to move-up into other areas of the city (or Valley). Moved-up Adaptive Response Units help maintain acceptable response times for units that are in training, being repaired or assigned to emergency incidents. In other words, they are the "substitute" emergency vehicles that take the place of other units which are busy.

Assignments City
001-099 Phoenix
100-109 Sun City West
120-129 El Mirage
130-139 Sun City
140-149 Daisy Mountain
150-159 Glendale
160-169 Tolleson
170-179 Avondale
180-189 Goodyear
190-199 Peoria
200-229 Mesa
230-239 Sun Lakes
240-249 Guadalupe
250-259 Gilbert
260-269 Apache Junction
270-279 Tempe
280-289 Chandler
290-299 Salt River
300-309 Surprise
310-319 Town of Buckeye
320-329 Buckeye Valley
330-339 Black Canyon City
340-349 Tonopah
350-359 Palo Verde Nuclear
360-369 Luke Air Force Base
370-379 Harquahala
380-389 Gila Bend
390-399 Unknown
400-409 Fort McDowell
420-439 Gila River
700-799 Phoenix Adaptive Units*
800-899 Rural Metro
2200-2229 Mesa Adaptive Units*
2280-2289 Chandler Adaptive Units*


Metro Center Mall
Description Frequency  
Security / Phone Patch 464.4750  


Special thanks to the ArizonaScanner Yahoo! Group for contributing information.

Fire information courtesy of the Phoenix Fire Department web site