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The South Bay Regional Communications Center (RCC) is a joint powers authority currently owned by the Cities of Gardena, Hawthorne, Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach.

Radio Channel Plan
Description Frequency Tone
Ch-1 Police Dispatch (Manhattan Beach) 470.6375 203.5
Ch-2 Police Dispatch (Hawthorne; Hermosa Beach) 470.3875 203.5
Ch-3 Police Dispatch (Gardena) 470.8125 203.5
Ch-4 Police Tac 1 471.1125 203.5
Ch-5 Police Tac 2 470.3125 203.5
Ch-6 Police Tac 3 470.0375 77.0
Ch-7 Police Tac 4 470.0125 118.8
Ch-8 Fire Dispatch 506.0125 192.8
Ch-9 Fire Tactical 506.0375 100.0
Fire WHITE 1 Mutual Aid 154.2800 CSQ
Fire WHITE 2 Mutual Aid 154.2650 CSQ
Fire WHITE 3 Mutual Aid 154.2950 CSQ
Dispatch (legacy) 154.3550 103.5
Tactical (legacy) 154.1300  

Description Frequency  
digital 154.7850  
Mobile Data Computer 155.6100  
Mobile Data Computer 855.2375  

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